§ 1 The association
The Association’s name is Parent Teacher Association at International English School in Bromma (PTA IESB).

§ 2 The Association’s purpose
The main purpose of the IESB PTA is to take care of the students’ interests, needs, and requirements from the school.
The association monitors developments in the school system and, where necessary, gives support and acts as a link between the family and school.
The association also ensures that activities are organized for students and parents.

§ 3 Headquarters
The Association’s headquarters are located in Bromma, Stockholm.

§ 4 Membership
Members consist of parents / guardians of students attending International English School in Bromma who pay the membership fee.
If the Board so decides, it is also possible to have passive membership for those who have other ties to the school.

§ 5 Membership fee
Members only pay one membership fee regardless of the number of children / students they have attending International English School in Bromma. The fee is set at the annual meeting and is valid for the current school year.

§ 6 Withdrawal
Members who no longer have children in the International English School in Bromma automatically leave the association. This also applies to members who have not paid the membership fee before the end of the year.
Members may also directly request withdrawal from the association by asking the Board, the annual fee will not be refunded.
The board can expel a member who acts in contrary to the mission and purpose of the association, violating its statutes or otherwise acting in such a way that could damage the association or its reputation. For a member to be excluded from the association at least two-thirds of its members need to vote for the exclusion. Excluded members have the right to have their case heard at the annual meeting. Expelled members’ annual fee is not refundable.

§ 7 Class Representatives
At the start of the fall semester each academic year at least two parents from each class are appointed to represent classes in the PTA IESB.

§ 8 Decisions taken
The association votes on various issues at the Annual Meeting, General Meetings, and Board Meetings.

§ 9 Annual Meeting
The Annual meeting is to be held within 2 months after the start of the school year. Notice shall be given not earlier than six weeks and no later than two weeks before the meeting.
The notice shall, in addition to meeting formalities, contain the proposed agenda, the Nomination Committee’s proposal for Board of Directors, the Directors’ Report, and the annual accounts. The auditors shall submit the audit report and the annual report.
At the Annual Meeting, the Board shall present the Directors’ Report and annual statements. The auditors will present the audit report. Members who would like a matter addressed at the Annual Meeting should present these to the Board, in writing, at least one week before the meeting.

The annual meeting is quorate with the number of members who attend. Decisions may be made, in most cases, by a simple majority. At the Annual Meeting, the following matters will be addressed:
1. Opening
2. Election of chairman of the meeting
3. Election of the secretary of the meeting
4. Election of person to take minutes of meeting
5. Approval of the agenda
6. Determination of the voting list (may be deferred to a possible vote)
7. Determination that the meeting has been properly announced
8. Presentation and approval of Directors’ Report

9. Presentation of audit report
10. Resolution on discharge from liability for the previous years Board
11. Election of Board Chairman
12. Election of Board members
13. Election of auditors and deputy auditors
14. Election of the Nomination Committee, and appoint a convener

15. Decision on membership fee
16. Proposals from members
17. Other matters
18. Conclusions / finish

§ 10 General meeting
A General Meeting will take place when the Board deems it necessary. The Board shall also organize a general meeting within a month from the date that such a request has been submitted to the Board signed by at least 50 members or PTA representatives from at least 5 different classes.
The notice must be made no later than two weeks before the meeting. Proposals must be presented for decisions to be submitted in writing to the Board at least one week in advance of the meeting.

§ 11 Board of Directors
The Board is, when no annual meeting or general meeting is gathered, the Association’s highest decision-making body. The board consists of two representatives from each grade. The Board appoints the Chairman of the Annual Meeting and elects a vice-president, treasurer and secretary.
The Board of Directors has the right, if any of the officials resign, to appoint a temporary substitute. At the board meeting, a representative of the school administration may attend.
The term of office is one year. The board represents the Association. Signatories for the Association may be: the Chairman and a member of the Association, or the president and treasurer of the Association, or the treasurer and a member of the Association.
The Board’s task is to promote the Associations’ objectives, represent the association in meetings with authorities and other organizations, and is responsible for operating activities. In addition, the Board shall implement the decisions taken at annual meetings and general meetings, as well as manage and be responsible for the Association’s funds.
The Board constitutes a quorum if at least half of the members are present. A resolution requires a simple majority.
Notice of Board Meeting shall be served to the Board members at least one week before the meeting.
At each Board meeting minutes will be taken and these are to be endorsed by the Chairman. The Board secretary shall present the list of paying members.
A Board member ceases if the member is excluded or if the member so requests. Notification of resignation is made to the Board. If the Chairman resigns prematurely he or she is replaced by the Vice Chairman. If a director otherwise resigns prematurely, the remaining directors take action to find a new director to be appointed for the remaining term.

All undertakings and deliverables of the Association will be achieved solely using the Associations assets.

§ 12 Voting rights
At the annual meeting and general meeting all parents / guardians present have right to a vote. In the event a student has several guardian who share custody one vote is allocated to each parent / guardian present. Voting may not take place by proxy.

§ 13 Voting
Voting takes place openly. Members may request a ballot, if this is the case vote counters are appointed. Decisions are taken by simple majority. If votes are even the Chairperson has the casting vote.

§ 14 Nomination Committee
The Nomination Committee consists of at least two people and a maximum of one per class year. One of those is appointed as convener. The Nomination Committee is elected by the Annual Meeting for the period up to the next Annual Meeting.
The Nomination Committee will propose candidates for the Chairman of the Board, auditors and deputy auditors, as well as other members of the Board according to clause § 11.
Members are entitled to propose candidates one week before the meeting at which the election will occur, these will be given to the Nomination Committee.
At the meeting The Nomination Committee will announce the names of candidates they propose, additional candidate names will be put forward after this. All proposed candidates shall have accepted their nomination.

§ 15 Auditor
At the Annual Meeting an auditor and deputy auditor are appointed for the purpose of reviewing the Board’s administration and accounts. The accounts shall include financial and fiscal years and shall be final no later than 4 weeks before the annual meeting.

§ 16 Financial Year
The financial year is 1 August to 31 July of the following year.

§ 17 Amendment to constitution
Suggestions for changes to the constitution may be made by the board or by individual members. These shall be in writing and must be submitted to the Board no later than one week before the Annual Meeting. Amendments to the Constitution require a two-thirds majority at two consecutive general meetings, at least one month apart, one of which shall be an Annual Meeting.

§ 18 Dissolution
Dissolution of the Association requires a decision by a two-thirds majority at two successive meetings, with at least one month apart, one of which shall be an Annual Meeting.
Should the Association be dissolved, decisions on the allocation of the assets of the Association will be made at the two general meetings.
The allocation will be made to the very best advantage to the school’s students. If no decision is made, the assets will go to BRIS (Barnens Rätt i Samhället).

This document is a translation of the original and legally binding documentation written in Swedish.