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The money we raise from our signature event, the Autumn Fair, along with family membership fees received, all goes to support events and activities that are enjoyed by students, parents and teachers.

We provide insight into education and wellbeing

Every parent wants the best for their children. The PTA offers a forum for discussion and input. We work closely with the school leadership, we invite guest speakers, we socialise with other parents, and pro-actively contribute to making our school even better.

We encourage a social network

We provide the only social network giving parents the opportunity to meet, discuss opportunities and issues, and socialise. Please join our Facebook group here. 

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Screentime and Youth lecture Feb 6th 2019

Onsdagen den 6 februari var Jonas Svensson - samtalsterapeut och föreläsare - på IESB och pratade om skärmtid och ungdomar. Det var ett välbesökt och uppskattat möte. Läs mer om Jonas på:

2000 SEK awarded in prize money

The two IESB Nobel Literature award winners were annuced at a formal gathering on December 17th, attended by all grade 9 students and mentors. Both winners are the proud recipients of 1000 SEK each. The PTA was the proud sponsor of the prizes along with with cakes and...

Lucia morning welcome

What a lovely way to start school on Lucia morning with a welcoming fire, julmust and pepparkakor!

PTA meetings 2019

PTA meetings VT 2019. All PTA class representatives: January 15th March 7th May 9th PTA board meetings: January 17th March 12th May 14th

Cakes to celebrate!

To celebrate International Teachers Day, the PTA delivered cakes to the staffroom. Thanks to all IESB teachers for your support.

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