The two IESB Nobel Literature award winners of 2019 were annuonced at a formal gathering on December 17th, attended by all grade 9 students and mentors. Both winners are the proud recipients of 1000 SEK each.

The PTA was the proud sponsor of the prizes along with with cakes and refreshments for all to celebrate in style.


  • English Prize, Iris Berglund
  • Swedish Prize, Fabian Mannervik

Congratulations to all who participated.

The winners with PTA board member Susanne Bredin.

Mr Gallaher, Iris Berglund, Fabian Mannervik and Ms MÃ¥hrbeck.

This beautiful card – made by PTA board member Susanne Bredin – was handed over to the winners with 1000 SEK each as price money.